Flock Together started life as a birdwatching club in 2020 but has since evolved into leading the global outdoors movement, redefining how we see nature as a whole - far beyond birding.

Through community programming, Flock Together facilitates many people’s first steps into nature, challenging perceptions on what ‘nature’ is and who it belongs to.

As a Black-founded platform, inclusive representation makes us who we are. But Flock Together can’t be pigeonholed as a ‘POC’ group. We speak to the masses and deliver work that benefits society as a whole, underlined by our global cultural and industry specialisation through Futurimpose.

In phase one, we focused on challenging the underrepresentation of Black, Brown and other POC in the outdoors space, and in the three years since, we’ve gone a long way in making that happen.

Now, in phase two, we look to bring the masses into nature by unlocking and platforming next-level creativity.

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