To bird is to visit all the world

Without vision of borders

A member of flock together talks to a circle of people in a woodland clearing


The six pillars of Flock Together are the foundations that underpin every action we take.

These pillars include: building community, challenging perceptions, showing the benefits of nature, championing ecological protection, offering mental health support, and providing creative mentorship for the next generation.

Together we will build on these pillars to create a world where every person of colour has the freedom to explore and engage with the natural world, on their own terms.


We host monthly birdwatching walks for our growing community. 

These walks are a forum to share experiences, find and offer support, and develop a stronger connection to the natural world. 

Flock Together walks  take place in remote forests and local city parks. Birds are everywhere, all you need to do is look.

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The Flock Together community includes experienced birders and enthusiastic first timers.

We started in London but our ambitions are global. Flock Together chapters have already opened in Toronto and New York, with more to follow . If you're interested in opening a local chapter in your area, contact us:


A photo in a woodland setting of Flock Together founders – Ollie Olanipekun and Nadeem Perera.

Flock Together is the brainchild of Ollie Olanipekun and Nadeem Perera. 

Against a backdrop of Covid-19 lockdown and Black Lives Matter protests around the world, Ollie and Nadeem bonded over a shared love of birding, while recognising the vital role of nature as a space to de-stress and recharge. 

Ollie, 36, is a Creative Director from North East London. He is the founder of award winning creative agency Superimpose / Futurimpose and has social responsibility at the core of his work. As a mentor and associate lecturer at UAL, Ollie also works to build smoother pathways into the creative industries for the next generation of “non traditional” creatives.

Nadeem, 26, is a Youth Sports Coach in North East London. He supports local schools and works with young people in the community. His love of nature expressed itself at an early age and helped him to overcome enormous mental roadblocks and trauma. Nadeem has amassed over 10 years of birdwatching experience and is a walking Collins Bird Guide. 

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